The Cambridge Apex Fund seeks to serve 2 main purposes.

1. To empower our analysts to learn and participate actively in stock-pitching with real assets.

2. To outperform the market, grow our assets under management and increase our prominence as a student-led non-profit university investment fund.


Our value proposition is that we emphasise empowerment over performance. We believe that students with interests in financial analysis and value investing should be provided with ample opportunity to learn and share with like-minded peers beyond the scope of the school’s curriculum. This includes providing opportunities to gain financial knowledge, learn stock pitching skills first-hand and meet experienced professionals to gain insights of the industry.

Our second priority is to improve the performance of our fund and grow our fund size. This is done through the stock pitches by the different sectors’ analysts and overall investment strategy decided by the Fund Director. While the annual rotation of leadership may impact the investment strategy, we believe general continuity can be maintained by the Fund Consultant yet allowing analysts to experiment different approaches and fully utilise the autonomy and opportunities unique to a student-led investment fund.


Apex is highly focused on two core investing attributes: price and prospects.Our growth and value strategies are geared towards screening for firms with favourable valuation and potential for growth. We believe in-depth fundamental research and analysis can generate outperformance potential.

Our portfolio is more heavily weighted towards bottom-up stock pitching than macroeconomic forecasting. High quality investment opportunities are identified by researching into the firms’ competitive advantage, management competencies, alignment of shareholders’ interests and minimal solvency risks. We believe both quantitative and qualitative fundamental research is necessary, while also carefully evaluating each security’s relative risks.