Each team is to submit a pitch book in the form of Powerpoint slides (less than 12 slides excluding Appendix), as well as their Excel Workbook in clearly formatted and understandable manner.

The link to submit will be sent out shortly after your team has registered for the competition.


  1. Executive Summary [1 slide]
    • Company ticker, target price, time horizon.
    • Brief introduction to company and industry
    • Summary of the investment/impact theses, including your view on the key drivers
  2. Overview of the industry and company [2-3 slides]
    • Give a brief overview of the historical context of the industry – how did it get to where it is today?
    • Explain the key themes in the industry and discuss the competitive landscape (e.g SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces)
    • Analyse the total addressable market (TAM) for the company
    • Explain the company’s business model and unit economics and compare this to the wider industry.
  3. Investment and Impact Thesis [2-4 slides]
    • Identify the key drivers for the company (e.g automobile demand for TSLA)
    • Explain your forward view of the key drivers, along with supporting evidence based on fundamental research. Think about the extent to which your view is non-consensus – why is your view not being priced in?
    • Identify the catalysts that will cause the market to re-price the stock according to your view and the time horizon of your pitch.
    • Identify the specific social impact factors of your chosen stock, where possible in a quantified manner (e.g reducing carbon emissions by XX amount for TSLA)
    • Includes justification on how the long term impact can be realised
    • Explanation of how the company ties in with any one of the 3 main themes
  4. Valuation [1-2 slides]
    • Screenshot of DCF/comparables valuation
    • The valuation should reflect your investment thesis and all assumptions should be explained
  5. Investment Risks [1-2 slides]
    • Outline the key risks to your thesis and, where applicable, provide mitigating factors. What events would cause you to change your mind?
    • Provide a sense of the potential downside should the risk case play out.
  6. Appendix [Optional]
    E.g sensitivity analysis, reference charts


  1. Business Model and Industry Analysis (25%)
  2. Investment Thesis, incl. risk factors and mitigants (35%)
  3. Impact Thesis (15%)
  4. Valuation (15%)
  5. Communication and presentation (10%)


5 finalists teams will be informed over email by 5th October. The finalists will need to prepare a 15 minute pitch and a 10 minute Q&A to investment professionals from Temasek using the same slides submitted. Further details will be included in the finalists email.