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President's Welcome

Welcome to the Cambridge University Finance and Investment Society.

We are the largest careers society in Cambridge, dedicated to connecting you with the exciting world of financial services. With over 4,500 undergraduate and postgraduate members, we are an uniquely diverse society of students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Through corporate events, technical skills workshops, and in-house networking opportunities like the Diversity Dinner and Diversity Drinks, you will be able to gain deep insight into life at our sponsor firms. We hope that these events will help you to build up your skills and professional network so as to jump-start a successful long-term career.

Amid the current pandemic, CUFIS remains committed to broadening access to financial jobs and providing best-in-class career initiatives. Our dedicated team continues to innovate via avenues such as the CUFIS_NETWORK podcast series, and we have adapted to the changing circumstances by implementing virtual alternatives to previously in-person events like the Oxbridge Finance Conference. We continue to partner with almost twenty different sponsor firms to bring you a comprehensive portfolio of events.

Crucially, we are, first and foremost, an inclusive society. Past members have hailed from all corners of the world and pursued diverse career paths, from Finance, to Corporate Law, to Academia. Membership is free and open to all Cambridge students, and we offer a multitude of opportunities for anyone even remotely interested in finance. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for information on our latest networking events, career opportunities, and educational resources.

I hope you are all keeping well, and I look forward to meeting many of you, either in-person or virtually, at CUFIS events soon.

Amar Patel

CUFIS President 2021-2022

Benefits of Membership


Discover the leading firms in the industry. Through company presentations and virtual networking events, we act as the bridge between you and our sponsor firms. This is your chance to experience the firms that shape the biggest transactions in the world, first-hand.


We provide educational material for you to learn about the industry and develop crucial technical skills . From our flagship Apex Fund, to materials such as the Application Bible and Technical Guides, you will be well-equipped to have an understanding of the links between economics, finance and the law.

Career Support

Start your journey with us. Whether you are simply curious about finance and corporate law, or it has been your dream job since young, we invite you to join us. Sign up today, and become part of the leading careers society in Cambridge.


Drinks, dinners, and our Boat Party – we offer a whole spectrum of events for you to meet new like-minded people and strengthen your personal network. These happen regularly throughout the year, so don’t miss out on the fun!