Our Analyst Programme is a year-long commitment with the Fund, where we train new members with little or no prior investing experience in the basics of investing. After a selection process in early Michaelmas Term, Analysts will be assigned a specific industry sector, and work with a Sector Head alongside a team of 3-5 other Analysts in a structured learning environment. Sector Teams will spend the remainder of Michaelmas Term and early Lent Term understanding industry dynamics and screening for investment ideas. The programme culminates in Cambridge Apex's flagship Annual Investment Presentation in late Lent Term, where each Sector Team will pitch 1-2 stocks to the Fund Manager and Judges from industry. Outstanding returning students will be internally promoted to Associates, or recommended for Sector Head positions for the following academic year.


Our Sector Head Programme is a separate track for students with prior internship or work experience in finance to pursue a meaningful year-long leadership role with the Fund. Like Analysts, Sector Heads are recruited in early Michaelmas Term. After being assigned a specific industry sector, Sector Heads will coordinate recruitment activities with the Fund Manager to handpick 3-5 Analysts for their Sector Team. Sector Heads will then have considerable autonomy to guide the Sector Team's development and pick stocks for the Annual Investment Presentation. Close support will be given in the form of pre-prepared educational materials and personal assistance from the Fund Manager and Executive Advisors.